I am a blacksmith artist making hand forged architectural elements, furniture and sculpture.  I strive to create work that  invites the viewer’s touch with a tactile, appealing surface. I fashion organic, botanical forms using abstract, contemporary aesthetics to achieve my goal of creating well-proportioned and timeless functional art.  As a blacksmith I heat mild steel to 2500 degrees F in a gas or coal forge. Once the material is heated to a plastic state, I am able to form hand forged components that are joined with rivets, tenons, dovetails or  collars.     I work to push this traditional approach to new boundaries, making new methods, built on the old to create furniture and architectural elements for a contemporary collector. My goal is to create work that is not only functional but is beautiful high quality that pushes the viewer’s beliefs in what steel can do.  Red Metal is a custom forging and fabrication shop in New Orleans focusing on high end custom architectural work, furniture and sculpture.  Commissions can be made by e-mailing or calling me!




1245 st Bernard Ave
New Orleans LA