Rachel David at Barrister’s
New Orleans Art Insider – Sunday, December 27, 2015

The tension and anxiety of the term, holding pattern, implies play between a stifling still place and a place to reach out from and to push against limitations. The initial sentiment is one of being stuck in a situation helplessly. The theme behind holding pattern is the transformation from a trap to an opportunity.

This show reflects the last two years of thoughts and my development as an artist and blacksmith. There are deeply personal ramifications represented within this body of sculpture.

My work is inspired by my dreams, my life and my process of metalworking. As my process evolves while building the work, it affects my life and dreams. The whole pattern is one I hold close and repeat and ritualize. I hold something, or someone, or some idea closely and cycle it through my mind’s eye, building a pattern from the cycle and creating a visual word to build a sentence or rather sculpture from. The work expresses some of my deeply held emotions: sorrows, ideas of social justice , and pushing the limits of expectations at all times. Forging is an inherently transformative process.

The worm is in a holding pattern. It builds the cocoon around it, there is a mile of silk in each cocoon and the moth; transformed, emerges and flies away.

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