Rachel and Shawn both make work inspired by the natural world, even as their individual art takes very disparate form and uses wildly divergent materials from each other. Rachel is a metal smith working with forged steel on a large-scale and Shawn is a painter and multimedia artist working with video, installation and performance.

The concepts surrounding their work; Shawn’s focus on environmentalism and Rachel’s keen awareness of social justice issues, are inextricably intertwined in the real world  – and it’s this intersection that the new collaborative work explores.

Their 4-month exhibition will include 4-5 pieces of large-scale interactive sculpture of forged steel, fabric, video and sound.

Where and when:

Leavings: a Rachel David & Shawn Hall collaboration will open on November 17, 2017 during Prospect 4 as a satellite exhibition and will run through February 28, 2018 with open hours 10am – 5pm daily Wednesday – Sunday. The gallery location is 9